Build SMS into your applications with Pring’s SMS API

(By Nasrullah, founder Pring)
As Pakistan’s largest mobile social network, we’ve always believed in unlocking the potential of Pakistan by creating better tools for innovators and game changers. That’s exactly the kind of people Startup Weekend Lahore has been attracting and I’m very privileged to announce our SMS API called Raven for all participants.
Raven represents  a significant step forward for the Pakistan developer community. We’ve designed it to be super easy using tools you already know. If you know HTML, you already know how to program The API. Pring handles the hassle of dealing with encodings, multiple mobile operators, availability and infrastructure so you can focus on what makes your app innovative and unique rather than spending time on implementing basic aspects.
We’re very excited to see what you come up with Raven.  We’ll be unveiling details on usage on Friday. If you’re interested in using the API, please drop an email to we’re currently testing the API in beta and look forward to your feedback in making this even better giving you even more power.