Kaymu.pk – Your One-stop Online Shopping Solution





Kaymu.pk is the brainchild of Rocket Internet, a German online startup incubator that was founded in Berlin in 2007 by the Samwer brothers. The startup was aimed at identifying successful internet ventures worldwide and replicating them in predominantly emerging markets. Rocket Internet operates in more than 50 countries and caters to Pakistan’s online population with not just Kaymu.pk but also Foodpanda, Daraz, Zamudi and Easy Taxi.

Kaymu.pk, previously known as Azmalo can most rightly be deemed as the nation’s leading online marketplace. The website not only provides a platform to buyers & sellers, but also acts as an intermediary with services such as SafePay, shipping, home delivery and cash-on-delivery. The safe pay and cash on delivery options ensure safe and trustworthy transactions. Kaymu.pk provides a one-stop solution to all the shopping needs of Pakistan’s population that is quickly catching onto the online shopping trend. Kaymu.pk continues to remain a major player in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry boasting over 10,000 products including footwear, clothing, jewellery, electronics, computers, mobiles, books, gifts, toys and accessories.

Kaymu.pk is basically an online website portal built on the model of eBay. It simplifies the dynamics of the marketplace bringing together a large numbers of buyers and sellers to a single online platform. The sellers can list items they plan to sell and do so by choosing whether to auction or make a fixed price listing while the users can browse through the various categories of items to find and eventually buy whatever they are looking for. Moreover, it simplifies logistics and shipping, not just making buying easy for the consumer but also providing reasonably priced items to ensure good value for money for the average Pakistani consumer.

Furthermore, Kaymu.pk also plays the role of a promotional channel for sellers to market their products to the masses. The website is very convenient, user-friendly and provides an easy browsing experience. Most importantly, the consumer service team is extremely vigilant and on its toes as far as answering queries or resolving complaints is concerned.